Whether broken or simply worn out, we can restore your screws to original manufacturer specifications, usually in a matter of weeks. While we have your screw we can also evaluate it’s current design and performance and offer suggestions to increase output or enhance the quality of your finished product.

New Screws

As more complex polymers are developed and introduced into today’s marketplace, the need for innovative screw designs has increased. Processors are faced with the task of increasing rates and quality while keeping costs at an acceptable level. Texas Extrusion Service, Inc. has the resources to help with redesigning your feed screws and test them in a lab environment before the final product is made. Our competitive pricing allows our customers an excellent alternative resource with standard pricing well below most OEM’s with quality and dependability second to none.

Bimetallic Extrusion Barrels

Texas Extrusion Service, Inc. offers a variety of standard and special hardened bimetallic barrels to match any extrusion need from Polyethylene to highly abrasive talc or glass filled polymers, to such corrosive polymers such as PVC and Fluoropolymers. Our technicians are available to blueprint barrels and feed screws on site if drawings are not readily available.

DuraShell Chill Rolls

For sheet – film – paper coating – heat transfer applications.




  • Hard chrome plating
  • Vertical stress relief
  • Large diameter honing
  • Heat transfer analysis
  • Complete roll manufacturing and assembly
  • Dynamic balancing


The key to roll performance starts with a coordinated design analysis of your particular requirements. Every roll we design is analyzed for heat transfer, mechanical strength and materials selection resulting in maximum performance. 


Over 25 years of manufacturing experience has made us the leader in supplying heat transfer rolls for processors and OEM’s alike. We quality control the complete machining, grinding, boring, honing and welding of all our rolls up to 48″ diameter and 300″ lengths, at .0005

Chill Rolls Repair/Refinishing Services

Complete repair/remanufacturing services of chill rolls for sheet, film, paper coating and heat transfer applications.

Regular maintenance and/or modified finish requirements are our specialty. Combined with total in-house chrome plating and finishing equipment, New Castle Industries offers committed customer service and accurate delivery quotations with every request. Our capabilities include:

  • 48″ diameter and 300′ lengths
  • Acid flush and flow testing
  • Journal and body repairs
  • Repolish existing chrome

For finishing, we offer optical mirror “superfinish” to coarse matte applied after chrome plating

ContraBend Reverse Deflecting Chill Rolls

A retrofit chill roll design that utilizes the effect of roll deflection in any diameter/face length/sheet gauge combinations resulting in optimum flat sheet. 

Exclusive New Chill Roll Design

New Castle Industries has developed a reverse deflection chill roll that has proven extremely effective when processing thin sheet or coextrusions. The ContraBend chill roll design minimizes the effect of roll deflection with any roll diameter/face length. 
The roll design utilizes basic internal mechanical bending principals and requires no additional hardware, changes in existing processing parameter or control devices. There is no external visual difference between a conventional chill roll or the ContraBend. Simply replace existing chill rolls with a matched set, and you’ll see the benefits:

  • The elimination of convex-shaped sheet due to roll deflection for improved thermoforming – resulting in scrap reduction.
  • Reduced materials costs by eliminating the convex shape thereby maintaining “low-limit” gauge tolerances with less polymer.
  • Permit thin cap layers in coextruded products without distortion.

How It Works: 

The physical appearances of both the conventional chill roll and the ContraBend are identical, but internally are quite different. In the ContraBend roll, the shell is not connected to the journals, thus allowing for the shell to bend one way and the journal the other when pressure is applied. The rolls will bend proportionately to the amount of pressure applied depending on application so that the roll gap is always perfectly parallel. 

The ContraBend roll simply conforms to the shape of the second roll, eliminating the convex sheet attributed to conventional chill roll designs.