Serving The Plastics Industry for
Over 40 Years

Texas Extrusion Service, Inc. is located in Spring, Texas, 25 miles north of Houston. As our name implies, we are a service-based company dedicated to the plastics industry, with over 40 years experience, offering a wide variety of services, equipment, and replacement components. Optical alignment of the barrel, screw and barrel measurements, rebuilding entire extruders and gearcase rebuilding are some of the services we offer. Texas Extrusion Service’s expert technicians are well versed in many different makes and models of extruders, drawing on years of knowledge gained from “in plant” experience performing alignments, installations, and PM maintenance.

Many plants have vast maintenance personnel and equipment but are just too busy with day-to-day upkeep of their lines. We are called in frequently to change barrels, repair geacases and change screws. We all hope that our plants run trouble free. However, that is usually not the case. Whether you are experiencing problems or trying to prevent them, remember that there is a company a phone call away that is ready to help.